Monday, May 14, 2007

Meeting Mr. X

So I went to the divish bar near the commuter railroad station and saw Mr. X immediately upon entering. He was sitting at the first table wearing a suit, doing paper work. I knew immediately who he was. I sat at the bar and had a Chardonnay. In truth, I didn't stay long. I didn't think I was supposed to, so I finished the wine and left.

X called me as soon as I got home and said he didn't even have a chance to make eye contact, so I told him I'd go back since it wasn't far from my house. The next time we made eye contact, but other guys in the bar were hitting on me and buying me drinks. Still, we had a couple of glipses and eye to eye contact. I couldn't help but smile because it was so delicious.

When I left, the second time, he was on the sidewalk and came to my car to talk. He evidently liked what he saw, and we chatted. He said he had a deviant mind. No shit. But we admitted it had been fun in the bar, and I told him I had been hesitant to meet him because the email exhanges had been so fun and sexy, I hated to lose that if everything else went wrong. Evidently they didn't. He said, "I'll shoot you an email tomorrow." I said, "That sounds so dirty, and he laughed.

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